Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Guac

Avocado is a most lovely fruit that does not get nearly enough cred for it's softer side:

Sweet Guacamole: (pair with chocolate tortilla chips: , or cinnamon sugar pita chips)

* two ripe Has Avocado
* 1/2 -banana to taste
* pinch of nutmeg
*teaspoon cinnamon
* 5-6 finally chopped dates
* maple syrup or agave to taste
-Optional additional ingredient: 1 table spoon Vanilla whole soy yogurt, splash of silk french vanilla creamer.

So basically mash it all up just like you would any guac, this should serve 2-3. Make sure and warn people that its a dessert guac, or someone will be in for a sweet surprise(or dont warn, but it doesn't pair well with burritos, btw's).

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