Monday, February 1, 2010

.Revisiting Space.

-Planning on revisiting the ideas of holding environment and the personal container.  

*I want to create more pieces that require crawling, climbing, and burrowing*

.a smaller, more personal space to explore.
Now here's some oldies...

(BFA Exhibit, 2006, friends inside domes and ghost stumps)

(Lovely Danny, squished in a tiny stump)

(More Danny)

(Flexas Cove, 2007, LIC, featuring: Me, Isaac & Fan)

(Fellow cave explorers)

(Me, resting)

(Original Cuddle Cove, Orlando, 2007)

 (Me, not wanting to get out of the bed in the cold morning!)

*Perhaps this theme pertains to my current life...because I sure have been doing a whole lot of hibernating...

.Hmm, This time the coves with more blankies, sheets, and plush. 

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