Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.An Ode to Hope.

A little Poem I just wrote, that I hope to make into a song and sing it to xylophone, sometime soon!

~Somebody called to tell me that life is gonna get better, but I walked outside my door and snagged my favorite sweater.

Been living this long day, ground hogs day, feels like forever.

But where’s my Bill Murray, where’s the camera crew, where’s that snowy snowy love that wakes him up like that alarm clock buzz.

Please let me know when I found myself, please let me know when I seem alright, sorry if sometimes I am weird, at least I don’t have a beard?

The summer is coming oh so soon, I just want to ride and ride and ride my bike, far away way out of sight. And play in the grass and frolic allll day! Let the world just melt away, remember when things weren’t so hard, when all I needed was a fun backyard.

Oh but wait! I think I got one of those, so I’m gonna make me a little hiding cove. and if I’m lost, haven’t found my way, oh no, you haven’t seen me in days…just walk on back and ill be there, laying around without a care.~

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