Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent Times

{Images, events, and happenings in my life} A part of my home series, homes made from recycled material

Patio Chalk drawing @ South
It takes a village

Logo for Open House, created by David Bean

Jonah Hill, chilling, filming at the grand prospect hall!

Dandi in my backyard

The new man in my life, Bandit.

Lamp Stump, going through much metamorphisis recently.

Well hello there, Cardboard drawing, 2010

Open House IV, 3-3 penthouse

DIY Series, Terrariums

Giving Alter

Open House III, Aug. 2010

Giving Alter

Open House III, loft

Open House II, Back Yard Blast

Rag Rug Teepees

Rag Rug Teepee
Open House II, July 2010
A view from inside the village making tent.

~More images and fun to come, thanks for stopping by!

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