Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ive been craving Kale constantly, it is currently my most favorite leafy green! So I made this lil salad:
1) One Large bunch of Kale (spines removed, chopped)
2)Half a med, Red Bell Pepper (finely chopped)
3) One small Roma Tomato (cubed)
4) One small Has avocado (cubed)
5)Alfalfa Sprouts
6)Braggs Liquid Aminos (to taste)
7) Fresh Lemon Juice (to taste)
8) Salt (to taste)
9) Olive Oil (a couple tablespoons)
10) Balsamic Vinegar ( a dash)

Ceiling Decorations I put together for the last Open House!
1st Cloud Lamp, many more to come:

Cloud Lamp

Ceiling Garlands and Flags:

Little paper House and Plant:

Tempeh 'Bacon' Sandwich:
1)Tempeh Bacon (4-5 strips)
2)1/2 Has Avocado (sliced)
3)Tomato (sliced)
4) Baby Spinach leaves
4) Onions (sautee caramelize, to taste)
5)Dijon Mustard, French Dressing (or any condiment)
{Just a few things I've been up to lately.}

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