Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Vegan Tips I just gave to a friend.

1) First if you actually do want to venture into the vegan cheese world, the best cheese for melting is follow your heart cheese, really good(theres a place in the hood that makes awesome vegan pizza, pizza plus). Tofutti makes singles that are actually very good, similar to kraft single type deal, not the most nutritious but awesome on sandwhiches!

2)Weird breakfast things I do sometimes: If you have left over rice from the dinner the night before, throw it in a pot with some soy milk, add some cinnamon, sugar(agave, maple) and bring to boil, toss in some fresh fruit, i usually do peaches, makes a good hot breakfast cereal.

I also make an incredibly weird breakfast sandwich, if you dont have time to bust out a tofu scramble (which i have my recipe for if youd like), you can heat thinly sliced tofu in the micro, with seasoning, s/p, tumeric, cumin, whatevs, can also add some thing sliced onion. Microwave it for a bit, while you're making some toast. I normally use the tofu thats been fried already (age). Add whatever you like, tomato slices, ketchup, hummus, i dunno. Tempeh bacon is also good. So kinda weird, but really good on the go!

3) Get yourself some vitamin B12 if you dont already have, so you dont feel like sleeping life away.

4) Restaurants i like:

* Theres an awesome sandwich shop, Karens in astor place, lots of options.

* Pretty much every bagel place in ny has tofu cream cheese, find out if the bagels are vegan, most fresh bagels are.

*Maoz, cheap fast.

*Vinnies pizza in williamsburg.

*wild ginger killer lunch special, bedford and also in soho.

*Cafe viva, east village, pizza and pasta.

*Better burger, few locations.

*Atlas, on 2nd ave i think, in east village.

*Pizza Plus, V-spot, park slope.

*Lodge killer, tofu scramble and soy sausage

*Enids, great veggie burger, no vegan bun though.

*So many health food stores have those prepacked veg sandwhichs and some bodegas, the vegan chicken salad is good, and tofu salad. Theres also another brand that makes a killer turkey salad one. Visit the sunac, browse them. Some are really gnarly, beware!

*Lola's vegan ice cream parlor, havent been, but have friends that work there, heard its killer.

* Theres also a million asian, thai, and indian places, and totally hit up those random buffets at delis, if its not expensive, some are really good, and have good stuffed tofu!

Ok this was a whole lot, im really passionate about my lifestyle, i hope this helps! Ask me anything else if you need, i know many many more places and fun recipes! =)

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