Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please come join the fun!!!

Trying my best to keep this art series alive! I have many goals I'd like to accomplish with Open House. Here are some of my lofty, yet not so lofty ideas:


It is my hope that Open House can become a Non-profit organization that allows local area arts to showcase their works while also outreaching to bring the arts further into the community. Open House aims to continue home exhibitions, offering local talent more affordable and easier access to exposure and exhibition space .

The second goal it to provide access to arts and art making to the community at large. Open House plans to do this by offering free programming to the public, with a specialization in outreach to people with special needs. This programming will include, yet not be limited to, Lecture series, Open Air Art Fair, Free art making groups, Art Parade, and Exhibitions for the Special Needs Population.

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