Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autum Harvest Dinner ideas!

~ Still at the begging of taking over my blog for a month of vegan blogging which will include, recipes, info, photos and drawings! This is just a simple recipe I thought up for a yummy side dish. I'll have more recipes through the week, next time including pics!

Roasted Root Veggies:

~baby carrots
~sweet potato
~Yukon gold potatoes
~butternut Squash

*thinly slice all veggies and spread on baking sheet or pan.

~salt & fresh ground pepper
~Curry (optional)

*Sesame oil and sesame seeds

*Pour desired amount of sesame oil over veggies, add spices to taste. Then get your hands messy, smoosh it all around. Sprinkle with Sesame seed.

*Set oven to 400 degrees, bake for 45 min. - 1 hr.

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