Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Veg eating in DC

In preparing to take a mini-vaca to Washington DC, I of course have began searching for vegan hot spots to hit up! First of all I was suprised by the plethora of vegan options and also the amount of fusion restaurants with full vegan and non-vegan menus.

I find that NY is lacking in eating establishments that serve for all diets. Mostly it's either all or nothing, either a veg restaurant or not. For the most part restaurants that serve both veg and non-veg options are oriented toward a specific types of cuisine, (ie: japanese, indian, etc). I found it refreshing to find such an array of options in DC.

~Here are some places I plan on visiting:
* Asylum
* Bus Boys and Poets
* Jave Green

* Sutra Lounge

Pics and reviews to come! Super stoked to visit these yummy places!

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keda said...

enjoy your time in dc. having eaten at all the restaraunts except for the last, i'll say you are in for the treat. both busboys and poets and java green are fabulous and asylum lately has been hit or miss. however, when it's a hit, it's quite a hit. again, enjoy