Monday, November 15, 2010

Macro Vegetarian brand foods.

~Ok super short blurb about my favorite Macro-Vegetarian brand foods. You can find these to-go products at any health food, speciality store, or even your corner deli!

They have an array of veggie options, such as several types of dumplings, sushi, bento boxes (with noodles, rice and dumplings), edamame salad, veggie pad thai, various asian noodle salads, bbq tofu, cold 'chicken' and veggie salads, etc, etc...

I'd have to say, some stuff is just down right gross, some ok, but here are the two most delicious products i think they have: Hunan dumpling and the Sushi Roll

*I pan fried the dumpling with a light amount of oil on medium heat, continuing to turn so they didn't get burnt, but crisped up. I then placed them on two paper towels to soak up the grease. I much prefer the dumplings crisped up a bit, but they are also delicious cold. However, I find the Hunan ones are the only so far that do not have a funky smell or after taste when eating them cold (without being cooked or fried).

*For years I have indulged on these sushi rolls, i discovered them maybe about 8 yrs ago on a trip to NY. I honestly think these are some of the best veggie sushi rolls i've ever had. I think they are so tasty bc of the deliciously crisp crunch, bits of seasoned soy protein and drop of agave for sweetness. They also make a Macro-Roll, and Spelt-roll, all are good, i just find these originals to be the most yummy!

{Buyer Beware} Make sure the date is at least 9 days- two weeks away, bc even when these products are said to expire in a few days from the current date, you will find they have a bit of a funk instead of fresh flavor!

Ok, enjoy your vegan eats on the gogo!

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