Friday, November 12, 2010

Spot-Light on two Grocery Stores in the slope!

I am continuing to share info about Vegan eats in the Slope. My two favorite places to purchase veg groceries are:

1) Balance for life, 624 5th ave: Small health food store with plenty of vegan options, such as: All natural healthy and beauty care, vegan ice cream, frozen foods, soups, mock meats, yogurts, various non-dairy milks, snacks, baking products, and much more!

*What makes this place special is the really caring and sweet owners. They also pretty much always have fresh home-made Indian food, made by the owner, Adela. They have donated food to several of my art events, so I love sharing the support! Yes, a bit pricey, but really the only place in the neighborhood that carries a large quantity of vegan finds! Oh, and they make smoothies and juices!

2) Earth's Basket, 599 4th ave(affiliated w/ The Corner store, 23rd &4th ave):

Just Opened up only several weeks ago and already booming with business! The owners are down to earth neighborhood guys who care about bringing rare, awesome, fresh and healthy options to their hood! The owners grew up here and take pride in their work. Best thing about Earth's Basket is not just the wide selection of beer and vegan cheese, but they will pretty much get anything you request!!!

Vegan items include, but not limited to: Vegan frozen foods, vegan salads and sandwiches, several varieties of non-dairy cheeses (Daiya, the melting cheese!, wide range of organic produce, to-go items from the V-Spot(yummy empanadas!), deli slices, mock meats, and much, much more! Also a bit on the pricey side, buy wisely.

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