Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vegan Eats in the Slope

**Still keeping the Vegan Mofo going strong!

~Here is a small/quick list of some of my Favorite vegan friendly places to eat in South Slope, Brooklyn. I will continue to add more hotspots throughout the month!! Please support and check out these super awesome local Establishments!

1)Pizza Plus:
Delicious authentic pizza, soy cheese,soy sausage,soy pepperoni, fresh salads, vegan knots, and even vegan calzones! My hands-down favorite vegan place in all of south/park slope!!! Super great service when eating in or taking out!

2)Roots Cafe: Not only is this place cozy, comfy and welcoming, but they have killer food too! Jamey Hamm owner & creator of the menu has taken careful consideration into always incorporating vegan options! While, yes, I think I have pushed for a few (tofu cream cheese) there's always been a nice variety. Homemade vegan soups, vegan sandwiches, bagels, tofu cream cheese, tofu deli slices and cheese, delicious salads, baked goods and vegan cupcakes! Really great people who work there, talented musicians and artists, and really great friends!!

3)Watana: My favorite Thai restaurant in the neighborhood! With many Thai options, I have found it to be the most flavorful, consistent and moderately priced. My favorite dish is the Vegetarian Mixed Vegetable...really light tasty garlicky sauce, not too thick or overpowering...just right. Great spring and summer rolls. Springs rolls so nice and crispy, not greasy, fresh tasting inside!

4)Red Hot: Chinese food, many many vegan options, occasionally the sauce is kind of gooey thick, my only complaint. I love the veggie sides, which come with rice, cheap, big delicious and filling meal. Also great: steamed spring rolls (almost like an Asian burrito).

5)'Snice: Although not quite South Slope, just a short walk into the park slope, many yummy sandwiches await. Great wraps, sandwiches, and side salads! My personal favorites are the curry cauliflower wrap (accompanied by mango chutney) and the smoked tempeh wrap (delicious chipotle dressing). When you eat in, every meal also comes with a lovely fresh mixed green salad, topped with carrot shreds and balsamic vinaigrette.

*Next post more restaurants, and grocery stores for excellent vegan finds!

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MeShell said...

Awesome! I'm going to give some of these a try the next time I'm in Brooklyn. Right now I'm thinking... PIZZA!